A wide range of comprehensive physiological testing. Food Sensitivities, Thyroid and Hormone Panels, Adrenal Function, Environmental Toxins and Nutritional Panels. 

Food Sensitivity Testing

No one knows why the immune system produces antibodies to certain foods, but when it does, a noticeable food reaction may result.  Rocky Mountain Analytical tests for food-specific reactions to three different antibodies:  IgG, IgE and IgA.

Click the link to see a sample report (http://rmalab.com/sites/default/files/tests/sample_reports/20131128_Food%20Sensitivity_Sample_Report.pdf)


Hormone Health Profiles

Women of any age can be affected by hormone issues. Women who still have menstrual cycles may experience infertility, premenstrual syndrome, mood swings, anxiety, painful periods and other symptoms as a result of hormone imbalance.  Women in peri-menopause and menopause often experience debilitating sleep disturbances, night sweats, hot flashes, accelerated bone loss and many other symptoms related to hormone changes.  The Female Panel helps sort out the specifics of the hormone imbalance.

Click the link to see a sample report (http://rmalab.com/sites/default/files/tests/sample_reports/20131128_Saliva_Hormone_Sample_Report.pdf)


Elements and Toxin Analysis

Urine element analysis is a simple and inexpensive way to measure levels of essential and toxic elements. The presence of toxic elements has been linked to:

Click the link to see a sample report (http://rmalab.com/sites/default/files/tests/sample_reports/20131128_Urine_Elements-Post_Sample_Report.pdf)


General Screening Tests

We use all major laboratories (Alpha, LifeLabs, CML, GammaDynacare). Tests are priced individually and include a $20 service charge.